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J. G. Broughton has been in business since 1989.  Most of the time we have been in the business of custom software development.  We have developed many diverse solutions for many different organizations including Bell, Proctor and Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Boston Museum of Science, Pantone (Europe) and many others.
Software Tools

Text Messaging of Appointment Reminder & Promotional Announcements

Tablet based record keeping & service summary tools for Automotive Technicans

In-house messages on large screen TV’s and interactive tablets

  1. Appointments

    A very quick way to confirm appointments. Fully customizable and easy to use. Customers can send back their response which appears on the receptionist or other computer.
  2. Promotions

    Get your special offers and promotions directly to your clients and customers. Fully customizable with logos and image attachments.
  3. Messaging

    In-house message delivery is an excellent way to communicate important information to your clients, patients or customers. Tools to easily do it yourself, let us manage it for you or use a little of both ways.
  4. Automotive

    This family of apps designed to support the automotive division. Each app can run in the desktop, thin client or tablet environment adding flexibility to allow users to work the way they feel most comfortable.

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Text Messaing Appointment Reminders

Easy, Quick, Effective

The Dr. Know Appointment Reminder System:    

1. A staff member enters the upcoming appointments for a day.  These lists can be done in advance and are saved.

2. When the reminder is due, one click in the Dr. Know Reminder System sends each client a customized text message reminder of the upcoming appointment.

3. The customer can either respond with a direct text message or follow the link in the reminder message like the one below:
4. After the customer submits their choice, a text message is sent to the store indicating their selection.  The message appears in a pop-up box on top of all other windows so that the Service Advisor sees the incoming message immediately.
This desktop app makes the incoming messages immediately noticeable to the staff.  It is easy for them to text back to the customer’s phone using the keyboard at the PC, saving time and money. 
Sample Reminder Message.     
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Appointment Reminder Video

Watch how easy it is to send appointment reminders with the Dr. Know System.

Promotional Text Messages

Easy, Quick, Effective

The Dr. Know Messaging Information/Promotional Messaging:
This is a complete system for sending messages to your customers.  It is designed to assist you in following the new Federal legislation on electronic communications through a series of control features.  Customer information can be inputted manually or imported from lists generated in CoStar or from Excel files.

  1. Messages can be saved, edited and reused.
  2. Customers can be selected based on a several service types.
  3. Controls prevent messages from being sent when a customer is not in need of that service (i.e. right after a customer has had an oil change).
  4. Messages automatically comply with the specifications of the privacy legislation.
  5.  Add a custom logo to the top of messages.
  6.  Attach a flyer image to a message.
  7. Include a URL the message which will point the customer to a web page with more details of your offer.
  8. Easy to use and inexpensive.
Sample Promotional Message.     
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In-House Messaging Screens

Easy, Quick, Effective

Dr. Know Screens
Dr. Know’s Screens turns your service area TV’s into a sophisticated communication centre. Dr. Know allows you to provide your customers with up-to-date and informative messages, and more importantly, promotions and specials which help your bottom line. It’s a great way to keep your customers informed about the variety of services that you offer. Use the display for corporate messages, vendor videos and remind your customers of upcoming service needs like tire change over. You can also inform them of special offers, your community involvement and any other advertising or promotional messages you can think of.

Dr. Know’s Messaging System Includes*:
  1. Setup, installation and connection to the TVs and Internet.
  2. All features of the Dr. Know Messaging system.
  3. Create and manage messages from available Canadian Tire media.
  4. Videos can be added as available.
  5. Messages are changed in Spring and Fall.
  6. Weekly updates of one automotive special from the flyer.
  7. Products of the Month updated monthly.
  8. Remote, phone and email support.
  9. Software updates. 
 * does not inclde the TV/Tablet hardware or TV installation
Sample Promotional Message.     
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Automotive Tools ​(Click to View)

  1. CountDown Timer
    CountDown Timer
    A timer and image of the customer’s car is displayed in the Service area showing the time remaining in the service. This builds trust with all customers that the oil changes are being completed on time.
  2. Existing Damage
    Existing Damage
    Date and time stamped electronic photos of any pre-existing issues or damage to a customer’s vehicle will prove that the issue existed before the service started.
  3. Oil Change
    Oil Change
    Date and time stamped electronic photos of 3 key aspects of an oil change service will prove that the drain plug, oil filter and oil cap were re-installed after the oil change was completed. Reports are saved and can be retrieved as necessary.
  4. MAP CheckLists
    MAP CheckLists
    The complete MAP check lists can be filled out quickly on screen and saved with the Oil Change Complete Proof record. The information is available for use in the Service Review Module (see below).
  1. D.O.T Safety
    D.O.T Safety
    A unique system which allows the Technician to create and save a detailed safety check list using a point and touch system. The details are reduced into a summary sheet. A copy can be printed or texted.
  2. Service Complete
    Service Complete
    Inform the customer that their vehicle is ready via Text Message. No more calling the customer on the phone, simply click a button once the paper work is done and a text message is sent to the customer.
  3. Service Review
    Service Review
    This module allows the Service ThisAdvisor to review the results of the MAP check list and pre-existing damage and oil change complete images with the customer at the cash desk.
  4. Agree to Txt Msg
    Agree to Txt Msg
    New Federal laws make it necessary to ask each customer if they agree to receiving electronic messages. This module has an on-screen signature box to allow customers to indicate their agreement with their signature.
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